Symmetric and asymmetric lifts

Symmetric and asymmetric lifts force service facilities to decide what types of vehicles are serviced most, limiting productivity and revenue potential. Turning away business Passenger Lifts  because you don’t have the right car lift for the job threatens a shop’s profitability by adversely impacting the bottom line.

Return on Investment

Challenger Versymmetric Lifts expedite a shop’s return on investment by providing the versatility to lift virtually all vehicles within the same service bay. This exclusive technology facilitates increased revenue over the life of the lift and allows a quicker return on their equipment purchase.

directSPOT is a feature only available on the Versymmetric Challenger Lifts. Offset front arms provide directSPOT lifting capability, and open door clearance to vehicle controls. When a car, truck or SUV is driven through the lift columns, directSPOT allows the offset front arms to swing in from an asymmetric stowed position, direct to the vehicle’s front lifting point. This eliminates the need to shuffle the vehicle back and forth to swing the front arm clear of the front tire in order to reach its recommended lift points, an inefficiency common of traditional car lifts that do not have offset front arms.

Scissor lift tables, also called scissor lifts, platform lifts and lift tables have a simple use – to raise or lower a platform. They make overhead tasks safer and more effective as well as helping to improve proper location of materials which helps avoid work related injuries. These tables are composed of three basic components, a platform, scissor legs and a lower frame assembly.

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