AntiSpyware Soft Removal – How To Get Rid Of The AntiSpyware Soft Rogue Antivirus Program

AntiSpyware Soft is a rogue antivirus program which has been designed to try and con you into buying the full upgrade to the virus, as well as to also steal your personal information from any unsecured Internet access you may have. Although this virus may look legitimate, it’s total scam and should be removed in the most effective & complete way possible. This virus will generally install itself from the likes of fake email attachments, rogue downloads or infected websites and will take over many of Windows’ most important features (including Task Manager). To get rid of the virus, you need to work smarter to remove the various parts of the infection which are on your PC.

This infection is what’s known as a “malware” infection, which stands for malicious software. Unlike most typical virus infections online (which hide away), this program will actually place a branded piece of software on your screen in an attempt to get you to trust it. The fact is that all the results this infection will show are fake and should not be trusted at all. In order to remove the infection, you basically need to be able to get rid of all the files and settings which the program requires to run. It’s just a piece of software, meaning that if you can remove all of the components it requires to run, it will cease to exist on your system.

You can remove the AntiSpyware Soft Fresh Hive  virus on your PC by first restarting into “Safe Mode With Networking”. This can be done by restarting your infected PC and then pressing F8 repeatedly before your computer has a chance to load up. This will then bring up the “boot menu” where you should select Safe Mode With Networking. This will load up Windows without the software & drivers which may be causing a problem, allowing you to get rid of AntiSpyware Soft properly. When you load up your PC in safe mode, you should then delete the files & settings which the software uses to run. This can be done manually, but it’s recommended you use a specific anti-malware tool to get rid of the virs.

AntiSpyware Soft will install itself into this folder:

%Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\[random string]\[random string].exe
The best way to get rid of the AntiSpyware Soft application from your PC is to use a “malware removal tool” to scan through your PC and get rid of the various infected files & settings it has placed onto it. These anti-malware programs are designed by professional companies to get rid of the variety of malware infections that may infect your PC. We’ve found the best tool to get rid of this virus is one called XoftSpy, by a large company called “Pareto Logic”. You can use this program by downloading it to your PC, installing it and then letting it scan & remove all the infections your computer has.

You can remove AntiSpyware Soft [] by using the tutorial and tools on our website. You can Click Here [] to remove AntiSpyware Soft from your PC.



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