I Want to Be a Star In All My Job Interviews

If you have created online jobs work from home for yourself, you have become the envy of even the most successful lawyer, doctor or engineer. How many people can call their own shots from home? Who do you know that is limited just by his or her desire and drive?

A true story of raw courage:

My youngest daughter found herself a single mom in a strange city with two little boys to look after.

She had no special training or education so she was at the constant mercy of employers who never let up letting her know that they had a drawer full of applications for HER job.

She lives in Canada where the winters are long and cold. One January morning, she experienced an “aha!” moment. It was the dead of winter and she had just awakened her oldest son, Jonas, from a deep slumber. He was about 3 at the time.

In a sports job like basketball coaching, there is no end to seeking improvement. Skills are polished more and more on a daily basis. If you are good, you can always be better. Seeking out advice from more successful coaches can give you better results in future games.  Call Boy Job  The players seek out trust from their coach and believe in his words of knowledge and wisdom.

Coaching is considered to be the leader of the so-called sports jobs. Not all people have the coaching ability to boost the moral of their players. Trust needs to be earned if you want to be able to handle a group of people. Thus, coaching is the most important part of the team performance. Without a coach, there will be no proper play. Teammates cannot cooperate with each other. The coach is considered to be the bridge that links player to player on the same team.

Teaching your players

In basketball, not all players are as skillful as the others. There are those who are not so gifted in dribbling, shooting and defense playing. Considering the fact that not all players are equally talented,  kmspicosoft  coaches are there to help who are not so brilliant improve in their skills. Not all sports job are as easy as they look. This means that when coaches may be bossy, they do it for their team at the expense of being called dictators. Some coaches even set aside additional time for those players who need to polish their skills some more. Patience is required. Keeping their players on their toes while giving each player a boost of self confidence creates a stronger team in the end.

Drills such as dribbling and shooting are basic basketball skills players need. Coaches are responsible for developing the players’ skills in using and applying the proper forms of these two. Proper exercises are needed before engaging in the basketball game itself. Sport jobs such as  Snapdeal winner list  coaching are a necessity in that they stay with the players before, during and after the game. It is their responsibility to be with their team to guide players to success.

Pampering your players

Not all sports jobs require a 24/7 period of attention for the team. But coaching requires coaches to bond with the players. In that way, trust between the head (the coach) and the whole body (the players) is made. Preparing your players for a match is as crucial as the game itself. Setting aside time to know what your players may want leads you understand your players better. Getting in touch emotionally with them is also a part of the coaching job. illuminei Make your team feel comfortable with you as much as possible.

She hated doing it, but there were baths to take, a hasty breakfast to be gobbled down and a long cold walk to the bus stop before dragging her two sons into a crowded day care crawling with every germ known to man. She had to get all this done in time to get to work herself and her little guys hated the whole process. Their tears and dragging feet attested to their contempt for their way of life. Perhaps you can identify? Grimly, she promised herself that she would find a way to create her own work from home.

Her son was unusually cranky and weepy that morning. He mentioned that he hated her going to work because she was so cranky in the evenings compared to the weekends when she was off. One more reason to investigate work from home.

It struck her. What was she doing to herself and her boys? Could she maintain this pace for another 20 years? Probably not. What about her job? Would it still be there when she got older? Probably not. When and if she ever became more secure, would her boys want to spend time with the stranger they called mom? Probably not.

She set out to create work from home for herself. These are some of the things she did and found out:

She had very little computer knowledge, but she set out to learn more. Getting her hands on an old computer that kept freezing up on her, she kept grinding away at learning with the determination that only a mom who’s children were being threatened could muster.
The internet is filled with vultures happy to take her money as they promised a get rich quick scheme guaranteed to succeed. There were the stock trading scams that always required more money to “take her to the next level”, places that would sell her a web page hosting service for next to nothing, but only produced an eyesore site page that could be greatly improved with another 15 dollars a month.
On and on she went. Trial and error led to frustration and despair as more and more scam artists fed on my little girl. Yet, she stuck with it. About this time, I got involved in the internet business and she and I started growing this thing together, her working on her site and me learning by building my own.
I, to this day, don’t know where I picked up on one company that promised rewards, but only after due diligence. They compared internet success to a snowball rolling downhill and it would take time to create our own work from home, but it would happen.

“Get a real job!” her detractors said. Nobody suggested that she work from home.

There was much learning to be done and much reading. Fortunately, this company has a massive library of free eBooks we could download for free. This was great news as we were both pretty broke!

There was search engine optimization to be understood, traffic both organic and paid (Pay Per Click) to be mastered, links to be built, Google and other search engine indexing to be created and so forth. Lucky for us, this is the age of the “River of Gold”, the World Wide Web. It is the most massive, rich and easy to access market that has ever existed. Even a bum off the street who knows what he was doing could start and grow a business for FREE using just, lets say, the computers at the local library. It uses something called affiliate marketing and it is pure magic.

The news was getting bad. People were finding out about the financial debacle that now has a death grip on the world.

“Why don’t you BOTH get a job!” became the battle cry of relatives and friends. It appears that people don’t like to see others work from home.

Slowly, but surely, we learned how people developed their own work from home. Our little businesses took root and we started getting a little traffic. Traffic grew as we made mistakes, tried new things and tried again.

One of the biggest lessons we learned is not to try to reinvent the wheel and to stick to little markets called niche markets. Why try to compete against huge corporations when there were tiny markets ripe for the picking?

“Have you made any money, yet?” Another favorite of those who would of liked to see us fail.

We could try to make a splash in the ocean if we wanted, but it would be considerably easier and much more profitable to spend the same energy in a puddle. The 7 main reasons we found this is a good idea are:

You don’t have to compete against a large and rich corporation with a well funded sales campaign.
With affiliate marketing, we didn’t have to create a product of our own. Creating work from home suddenly became possible. What an exciting discovery!
With a small niche or puddle, if you will, we could address a product very specifically to a very specific market and therefor have a much greater chance at scoring a sale.
It is much easier to create a brand of one in a small market. People recognize your name or web site after a while and that is money in the bank as they trust something familiar.
In a small market with small businesses such as ours, we can focus our efforts on a changing market. If we are selling Michael Jackson books lets say, well, when he gets to be old news, it is easy for us to start selling Tiger Woods books, for example.
Electronically, we can deliver many goods and services specific to a tiny segment of a particular market so we can offer very specific solutions to people that were very specific in their request for help with a problem.
It can be much more fun and profitable to build a relationship with a highly focused, tiny community of people with the same interests rather than trying to establish ourselves with a large audience. For example, I could try to build a name in heart attack recovery. It would be much easier to build a name in heart recovery involving diet, stress reduction and low-impact exercise. Either way, what is created is work from home!
My little girl doesn’t have to awaken her boys anymore at an indecent hour. Her job died when the financial crisis hit. She hasn’t worked outside her home for months nor is she seeking employment. My baby is doing quite well with the work from home she created for herself, thank you.

As for me, she and I share the same tough streak of independence. A heart attack put an end to the rat race for me, but my internet business is growing by leaps and bounds so being slowed down physically is not affecting my wallet. As a matter of fact, it is arguably the best thing that ever happened to me.

Oh, and the voices have fallen silent. God bless and good luck!

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