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The very first horse race in Melbourne took place in 1861 and since that time it took place every single year. It happens in the first Tuesday of November. The most important event is the Emirates Melbourne Cup race and takes place in Flemington. This race course is about 3.2 KM long. Do you know how many people can see this event live? There is enough space for 120.000, so just imagine how big this once a year event really is. The Flemington population increases about 190.000 extr igtarget people during the race and they come from all over the country to see this show.

Recently there was one major upgrade to the track. There are three grandstands, each one required 45$ million to complete and it was inaugurated in 2000, the same year as the Sidney Olympics. The Melbourne Cup is not the only cup which takes place in Flemington. Other cups are hosted there such as Victoria Derby and the Australia Cup. One interesting thing is that the racecourse has its own railway, which means that people can come at a low-cost from the entire Australia to see the event live.

Phar Lap, the most famous race horse, has its own bronze statue in the course to its honor. He won back in 1930. Rumors say the rivals poisoned this horse because they bet against him and lost a fortune.

How much is worth the money prize? The numbers speak for themselves. In 2008, there were 24 horses racing for a prize of $5.5 million AUD which at the time was 3.3$ USD plus a Gold cup which is worth 120.000$ and since 1919 that the winner receives such cup. rohrreinigung freitag The winner and the jockey also receive a miniature of the cup. This money and the desire to become a champion attracts jockeys for all over the world making this not just an Australian race anymore, but a world championship and the main sponsor is the Emirates Airlines. To give the racers even more motivation to compete, the winner of both the Melbourne Cup and the Irish St.Leger receive another bonus of $500.000, all in the same racing season.

To make the race even more interesting there is also lots of betting houses ready to take bets from people who want to guess which worse is going to win and to make big money from it. The fashion contest makes the field more beautiful by giving a prize in cash to the best well-dressed man and woman.

Through all of the turmoil that the world has gone through, the price of gold is one thing that has largely remained tiktoklocksmith the same. Gold, which was originally used as a form of legal tender, both in the U.S. and international marketplace, is now more widely used for investing rather than actual purchasing, so its value has changed drastically over the years. For many, gold is a commodity that is more valuable as a collection than an investment or any other type of use.

The gold rushes of dates past greatly changed the value of gold throughout those times, making anyone who mined for it a rich person very quickly in many cases. During the 19th century, there were different gold rushes that helped the gold mined towns and areas turn into booming cities overnight because of the influx of pioneers and immigrants that came to mine the gold. Cities were born and still stand tall today that were created out of the gold rush, including San Francisco and Melbourne.

During the 20th century, gold prices were determined by a method known as the gold standard. This meant that currencies in many of the western countries were attached to the price of gold, algaragedoorrepair  and in 1971, the U.S. government removed the U.S. Dollar from the gold standard. This left gold to find its own price on the free market, and it became more valuable and useful for investing than it had ever been before. In 1980, gold reached a record high value at the time on the market, when it was priced at $850 per ounce. This created a boom for investors who wanted to cash in on their investments, but also didn’t last for long.

The price of gold gradually ths egypt declined from that point, bringing it to an all-time low since taken off the gold standard of just under $253 per ounce in 1999, which had never happened before. After September 11, 2001, the markets changed drastically, and gold has been gradually rising back up in price since then. In 2006, the value of gold reached about $715 per ounce, which was another high point for the precious metal. Gold then reached an all time high again on March 17, 2008 at $1023.50 the first time ever over the magical $1,000 mark.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the price of gold since the United States has taken an economic Hestia nova downturn and is heading into 2009 in facing huge financial bailouts from the government. However, many people don’t actually value the gold for what it is worth, and collecting rare gold coins can often prove to be much more lucrative than actually investing in gold and keeping up with the markets.

You can invest in gold today without even having to get your hands on any of it, which often makes it a great addition to any investment portfolio. However, like any stock, although it has remained fairly steady through the years, it is still subject to its ups and downs, making it a moderate risk for investors of all types.

As a business owner, I have often been able to gain new clients via word-of-mouth referrals, and frequently these are generated through networking activity. I am a regular attendee of the VECCI Fast Forward networking event series and it has been a great way to meet new clients and other people who are good referral sources, Cash for Gold Melbourne both now and for the future.

However, there have been times where the word-of-mouth referral process has not delivered the types of clients that Next Marketing is searching for, which has proven to be tricky to manage.

So why recommend word-of-mouth referrals when it hasn’t always worked for me? The simple answer is with the right process and strategy, word-of-mouth referrals can be a great lead source for all types of business.

There are organisations that have commercialised the idea, such as Word Of Mouth on the web. If your target audience is B2C, this site allows you to compile online reviews about what you do, which then could be used in your email signature or as a link on your website, blog or even as a way to generate word-of-mouth referrals for your business.

If you are in the B2B market, whitehallgaragedoorrepairllc  or do consulting work, then no doubt a lot of your work comes from word-of-mouth referrals. Revenue consultant and advertising sales trainer, Denise Shrivell says, “I get most or perhaps all of my business through word of mouth.”

For many B2B companies, social media tools such as Linked In and Twitter can also help. While previously you may have used the phone to catch up with all of your contacts, social media tools can provide a quick and easy platform from which to spread news about your business.

So how do you get more word-of-mouth referrals? Many people have suggested that I ask all my clients to refer me to other potential clients. Although I know of businesses that use this strategy, I am reluctant, as I feel it may be intrusive to my clients. Perhaps a less forward way of soliciting referrals is to ask clients for testimonials once a project is complete or after a few months of working together. bluelinelocksmith This is a subtle way of letting them know that you would appreciate them referring your company to their own friends, family and colleagues.

One issue with word-of-mouth referrals that you may have faced in your own business is the concept of rewarding the person who originated the referral. I purchase from an online shopping club and they have a system providing cash reward to members who refer other members that make purchases.

Delving further into the psyche of word-of-mouth referral is Paul Benson, who runs a financial planning business. Mr Benson has made an interesting observation about the types of people who are willing to make word-of-mouth referrals. Mr Benson believes that some people, no matter how happy they are with your product or service, expertgaragedoorrepairllc will never refer; it’s just not what they do. Then there are other people that will refer over and over again.

Mr Benson suggests people who do refer your business to others are usually the go-to people in their social circles, who rarely have qualms in telling people what they should do or who they should see. To capitalise on this, Mr Benson’s business treats referrals as very important by sending a thank you letter, making a phone call to say thank you, and providing such things as Myer gift vouchers or Gold Class movie tickets.

A reward program does work in this instance, whether it is B2B or B2C. If you want to identify those who have referred your business, consider creating a segment in your database powellgaragedoorrepair dedicated to this. It would be a good way to track results over a period of time and test whether Mr Benson’s theory works for your business.

Here are some other suggestions you may like to include in your word-of-mouth marketing plan:

Reward those who have referred your business with books that are not available in Australia. Purchase them in bulk from Amazon and rotate the list of people who receive them.
Join a word-of-mouth referral group such as BNI.
Have a professional-looking website; it is always easier to refer people who look good online.
Look for partnerships with other businesses that have the same target audience but are in separate industries.
Use ‘free’ promotional tools such as radio station segments and speaking opportunities.
Use the web and blogs as much as abclocksmithoh possible to get your message out there.
The real test comes when, after all of your effort, you end up being referred the wrong type of clients or business. Taking on board a ‘wrong fit client’ is a risk, but it is easily done.

If you think that a new lead will not make a great client, be honest and do what you can for them, including helping them find someone that is right. They will likely go back to the original person who referred them and thank them, and this also makes it more likely that this person will refer you to someone in the future that is likely to be a better fit for your business.


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