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Don’t Blame it on the Rain

From time to time spring weather doesn’t always facilitate field hockey practices out doors. So while the plants may be grateful for a little rain, it can often dampen team spirits as well as throw a wrench into your practicing plans. However don’t let the rain get you down, and use the following field hockey coaching ideas for moving your practices from a soggy field to an indoor gymnasium.

Starting Things off on a Fun Note

The first of my field hockey coaching ideas for relocating practice indoors is to start things off on a fun note. outdoorfield Most players don’t always enjoy the constraints of practicing indoors and in addition players are missing out on the fresh air and sunshine that accompany a practice on a spring afternoon.

So when practices are forced inside because of the weather, I always like to start things off with a game of freeze tag or good old fashioned dodge ball. This will inject some much needed vitality into your players while giving them an excuse to run around and have fun. Plus it’ll get them warmed up for the indoor drills and conditioning exercises.

Drills Done Indoors

The next of my field hockey coaching ideas when moving practices indoors is to implement some new drills that my players haven’t seen before. The following two drills are a great way to utilize the indoor space and get your players practicing their passing and receiving skills.

For the first drill, called the Hook Dribble, two players pass the ball to each other before taking a shot on goal. This drill can be performed with or without a goalkeeper, whichever is easier your situation. Before beginning the drill set up a number of plastic cones just before half court with a path for players to swerve around them. 789bet The players are to line up at the center line, with one extra player waiting at the far left around the center line.

To begin with, the player at the front of the line runs with the ball though the cone path. Once they have completed the path, they pass the ball to player 2 who runs in a sharp hook towards the top of the circle and takes the shot on goal. After passing the ball to player 2, player 1 assumes the position at the side of the center line and the next player in line begins the journey around the cones. After players have gotten the hang of it, run this drill quickly to keep players on their toes.

For the next drill, called the rotate forward, you’ll need to set up a cone course on the left side of the court before the half court line. Have all the players line up behind the cones except for one who stands on the left just over the half court line.

At the sound of your whistle, player 1 maneuvers the ball through the cones, then passes to player 2 upon completion. Instead of arcing and shooting like in the previous drill, player 2 passes the ball back to player 1 who turns sharply infield and can either take the shot or pass back to player 2 for the shot. When running this drill, make sure the emphasis is on clean backhand passes at full speed.

Blair McKinney has been playing and coaching field hockey for nearly 28 years. You can get instant access to hundreds of field hockey practice plans and drills by visiting Blair’s website:

Track and field games are among the oldest sporting events known to man and they can be documented back to 776 BC. We have always enjoyed putting our feet and arms to the test and competing against others in the track and field games events. Now fast forwarding 2700 years or so in the modern age you are able to compete using the speed of your fingers in games online for free. So if you like the summer Olympics and are a big fan of track and field in general then I am sure you will enjoy some of these free Internet games.

Track and field is a broad set of events but can be broken down into 3 sub categories so here are some games related to each category that you might want to check out.

Running related games

On Your Marks: This a fun game that is a must for training and developing an important skill needed to play track and field games online. Part of what is critical in these type of games just like in track and field in real life is to get your reflex time as fast as can be so that you can begin your run as close as you can to the shotgun. The game on your mark is a great way to test and improve your reflex times as you try to get your track and field runner moving as soon as you hear the shot. you will be able to compare your averages with others around the world via a scoreboard and even share your scores with friends on Facebook.

HyperSports 100m Dash: Another great game in the running sub category of track and field games is hyper sports 100m dash. While this game will put your finger speed to the test as you race against a computer opponent it is a lot easier to actually win the race than with some other running related track games. You can also submit your scores to Mochigames games so not only do you test how you stack up against the computer opponent you also can see where you stand against the rest of the game’s players.

Jumping related games

Hyper vault: This is an online pole vaulting game that requires excellent timing and speed to produce a proper pole vault jump. You can first set the height of the jump and then set the speed at wich you run along with controlling the actual jump itself.

Track Star: This is a combination running and throwing game but is very fun to play. Now this is one of the more difficult games out there but the game is still very fun. This game is very customizable as you can choose what country you are representing and also choose the look of your track athlete. Track star not only has a running even but there is also possibly the hurdles which combines both running and jumping. You will have to not only keep you fingers moving but also to time your jumps just right to avoid being slowed down by the hurdles as well.

Throwing related games

Javelin Champion: probably one of the first throwing related games was the javelin toss and this is a great online version where you get to test your coordination and throw the javelin.

Hammer Throw: Another popular sport is the hammer throw and in this game you take a spin and then see how far you can propel the hammer.

Those are just a few of my favorite track and field games online for free. When you can not make it out doors why not let your fingers do the walking or running,jumping and throwing as the case may be and checkout some of these fun track and field games today.

Save yourself some time searching online play these Track and Field Games now. You can play Track and Field Games listed in my article and even more related games.


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