Opening The Heart Through Sex

Deep and ecstatic sex touches us like few other things do. It takes us out of our normal, controlled way of being. It opens our breath, senses, feelings, and our heart too. This can be so lovely and beautiful, but also disturbing or exposing.

When we truly make love, when we surrender deeply to our instinctual selves, to our body’s senses, to our aliveness and to our hearts feelings come up. They must come up, because it is our heart opening in trust that makes for truly great sex. If you want sex that is sacred, if you want to make love in a way that’s divine, you need to understand what impact emotions and feelings have on your lovemaking.

As you probably have experienced webcamboys nl first hand at one time or another, emotions can make or break great sex. No amount of sexual know-how or Tantric technique or special energy exercise will have true meaning without allowing our feelings to play their role in sacred lovemaking. Fully opening into divine sex is all about trust. Without it any knowledge or technique is in danger of remaining rote and mechanical.

A lot of times, the reason people don’t have deep and fulfilling sex is because they don’t trust this emotional movement. Yet the more we open sexually, the more the shadow side of ourselves will come up also – that is, the unlived, unresolved and unhealed parts of us. This is particularly dramatic in the case of trauma survivors, but it’s true to some degree for almost everybody.
When we open sexually, vulnerable parts webcamboys be of us may also come out, triggering various emotions. If we don’t resist this movement of feelings then grace can open up for us. The analogy of this truth, that we must embrace our shadow side in order to transcend it, is the beautiful lotus blossom that rises out of the murky mud. The sex act, when done with awareness, has incredible healing potential. Through loving sex we can heal our bodies, our hearts and our entire beings.

People are sexual creatures, so its no surprise that almost every new invention is given a sexual spin on its original purpose. Sex was probably the last thing on Alexander Graham Bells mind when he invented the telephone, but that doesn’t make phone sex any less exciting.

Whats phone sex anyway?

For the sake of clarity, phone sex is tiener seks ┬ádefined as a phone conversation that aims to sexually arouse and stimulate the people involved. Most of the time, masturbation and orgasms are involved, but that mostly depends on the tastes of the callers. It doesn’t matter if the phone call starts innocently as long as theres erotic content thats meant to stimulate both parties (or more, if you have conference call capabilities) its definitely considered as phone sex.

Should I pay for phone sex?

That depends. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is up for it, geile films then you don’t have to pay for quality phone sex. In fact, phone sex could be a good way to spice up your relationship. Other people with no sexual partners can find a friend or acquaintance who wouldn’t mind having phone sex with them. However, many people turn to phone sex when they either don’t want or don’t have a sexual partner. In this case, you can call a professional for phone sex services. Another alternative is to visit a website meant for people who want to find phone sex partners. Keep in mind that most people who have phone sex with strangers have no intention of scheduling a face to face meeting.

How do I initiate phone sex with someone I know?

Its best not to take it too seriously if you’ve never tried it with a specific person before. If you’re uncomfortable, be humorous about it make your phone sex offer sound like a joke. Its also a good idea to close your eyes geil chatten and actually imagine that the person you’re speaking with is actually next to you. If you’re having a hard time doing this, make your physical environment conducive to sex. Light up some scented candles, put on some sexy music, etc. use whatever turns you on. The important thing is for both parties to feel comfortable and sexy in their respective locations. Once you’ve established this, you’re good to go.

*Simple phone sex tip: If you’re not sure how to get started, you can tell your partner about things that you wish were happening. Example: I wish we were lying together naked right now. Or I wish I could press my body against yours.

I’m not sure how to do this right, do you have any pointers?

Just like physical sexual contact, you need to develop a refined technique to turn on your partner. Your success depends mostly on how well you describe scenarios, as well as how vividly you visualize. Timing is very important. As with real-life sex, you have to get a rhythm down. This is why you shouldn’t have phone sex when you’re in a hurry. Quickies almost never work via phone sex, mostly because phone sex is most successful when expectations and excitement are built up.

Its also important to be considerate of the other person, to make sure that they’re actually in the mood for phone sex. Chat about mundane things for a while and get to know more about their day, because initiating phone sex when someones dog just died never really works.

It helps to keep your language casual. Avoid sounding too technical by saying things like I want to slide my penis into your vagina. Its better if you can add a slang-type spin on the way you say these things.

When it comes to technique, the key is to be graphic but believable. Make sure that the moves you make are realistic, and that you keep in track of what position you’re currently in. After all, you don’t want to be interrupted by the other person saying How did that happen? I thought your hand was on my thigh?! Needless to say, you need to keep your graphic descriptions simple. Very long and complicated descriptions tend to confuse a lot of people. You don’t want to sound like a badly translated electronics manual from China.

What are the advantages of having phone sex?

If you’re having phone sex with someone you’re in a relationship with, its a good way to tell your partner about your sexual fantasies. It also spices up your relationship, especially since most people forget to sexually indulge their partner in an auditory way (ex. Talking dirty, etc). This is also beneficial to long distance relationships, or couples with busy schedules. But remember phone sex shouldn’t be the only way you satisfy your partner.

For those who have casual phone sex with acquaintances or strangers, the advantage is that you can do as much of it as you can without worrying about STDs and such. Its also a good way to learn new tricks that you can apply in bed when you have a chance.

What are disadvantages of having phone sex?

The trouble with phone sex, as with most good things, is that some people get addicted to it. When you spend too much time doing it via phone, that would give you less time to do it physically. You might even kill your sensitivity to a current/potential partners physical and emotional needs. Also, if you’re using paid phone sex hotlines, you might incur too many expenses.





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