When Did Purple Ugg Boots Become So Popular?

Right now there are thousands of women around the world wanting a pair of purple UGG boots. They can not be any color they MUST be purple! Why is this?

To truly understand, we need to look at and understand the color purple. Doing a touch of research on the web, I came across this little gem:

“purple is a color often well liked by very creative or eccentric types and is the favorite color of adolescent girls”www.mallshoes.co.il

…. Hmmm an authoritative statement, one that may only be found on the wonderful world of the internet (by the way if there are any adolescent girls reading this please write in and let me know if this is indeed true on a global scale?).

Let’s list a few of the qualities of the color purple:

– The color purple affects us mentally and physically.

– it is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment.

– Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery.

– Purple uplifts

Wow that is an extensive and powerful list. No wonder more and more of us are turning to purple UGG boots. Maybe it is a conscious decision or maybe it is more a female intuition type of choice, whatever the reason the purple UGG boot is the popular choice at the moment.

Some people think that to wear an UGG boot you may need to compromise on the trendy side of life. Sure there are some u-g-l-y boots out there but what is popular and trendy right now is the tall purple ugg boot. Even celebs such as Lindsay Lohan have been spotted running around in their comfy pair of UGGs!

If like me you do not really know why you like the color purple, you just think it looks good and you want to wear it on your feet in the form of an UGG boot then skip on over and check out this little do whacker of a site:

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