Four Things Your Pregnant Dog Would Tell You If She Could Talk

Now that you’ve jumped the hurdle of breeding your dog, it’s time to make the most of your canine’s pregnancy. Chances are good that you’ve raised your girl from a puppy and that you know her very well by now. You can probably anticipate many of her needs and interpret most of her cues.

However, breeding dogs and specifically canine gestation presents some unique issues and challenges. Breeding dogs requires forethought and research. These tips will help you “listen” to your pregnant pooch and give her the best possible pre-natal care possible:

1) “Feed me well.” Breeding dogs requires careful attention to diet. Like human moms-to-be, the canine variety also needs to watch what she eats. Feeding her “well” does not mean over-feeding. True, she does need some extra calories during pregnancy.

However, those calories should come from a high quality, fortified dog food. You may want to look for a veterinary-quality brand made especially for pregnant canines.

Some dogs, on the other hand, are picky and object to a switch in brands. If you know yours is picky, a switch may not be best. Your efforts at good nutrition will be counter-productive if she ends up refusing to eat at all.

They should not be delivered in the form of table scraps (no matter how much she begs) or junk. Healthy treats made especially for dogs are fine, as long as those calories are factored into her overall daily intake.

2) “Don’t stop exercising me.” Exercise is still important for your pooch. Her muscles and heart need to be in top shape for the rigors of delivery. It’s also critical that she not gain too much weight.

As her pregnancy progresses, it will become harder for her to do certain things she may have done previously, like fetching a ball. Make sure that you tailor her exercise to fit her stage of gestation and don’t overwork her.

3) “Prepare a cozy place for me to have my babies.” Dogs should have a box to deliver in, called a “whelping” box. It need not be fancy, although you can certainly find boxes produced specifically for whelping in pet stores and online.

The whelping box should be large enough to comfortably accommodate mom plus puppies. Prepare for at least 3-6 pups. If you already know how many she is carrying, this is even better. The whelping box must also be deep enough to contain the pups for 4-6 weeks, since they must be with mom constantly during this stage.

Make mom and pups comfortable by lining the box with newspaper and or towels. Make sure that you have an ample supply of towels, since you’ll need at least one clean one per pup when delivery day arrives.

4) “Don’t leave me!” Contrary to what some believe, canines frequently need help during the birthing process. When mom’s time is imminent, plan to stick close to home and be sure to check on her regularly. Once her pups have arrived, plan to stay close by for the next 48 hours or so in order to catch any problems that may be developing, such as puppies not being able to nurse.

Breeding dogs will probably help you to appreciate new life in a very different way than ever before. Regardless of the profit that you make on your pups, you’ll likely find the whole experience of breeding dogs to be a very rewarding one.

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