4 Ways To Make Your Subdomains Work For You

Subdomains and sub directories or web pages simplified

What is a subdomain? This is a question that I struggled to fully understand the answer to when I first started out making money online. It is also a question that I get asked frequently by others that I am working with.

Firstly, there are two ways of adding content to a website.

1. A new page sometimes referred to as a subdirectory

2. A subdomain

A New Page

Imagine my site is about cocker spaniels and  subdomains  my domain name is this breed preceded by www and ending in.com. I want to have a product about cocker spaniel photography so I would create a new page in my html editor (KompoZer for example) and I would call this page photography.html.

Therefore when this page is uploaded to my hosting company, it would show online at the following address:

(The.html on the end specifies the type of file. html is a web page, pdf is an eBook or report, jpg is a photo or picture and gif is a graphic.)

This is known as a website page and it is simply an extension, or an add-on of your main website. All I have done in effect is to add another  subdomains  page to my main page (website).

A Subdomain

Now if you wished, you could create a sub-domain instead. To do this, you would log into your hosting account, look for sub-domains and create a new folder called photography.

This time, when you upload this subdomain it will show online as follows:

photography.mycockerspaniel.com/. PLEASE NOTE – there is NO. This is because subdomains are not stand alone web addresses but are, as the name suggests, part of a main domain.

With your main domain name, you  subdomains   can normally set up as many subdomains as you would like.

Supposing your main domain was – money-workfromhome.info (preceded by www and ending in.info) – then your subdomains would take the following format:

Both of these would be preceded by Recommend Article Article Comments Print ArticleShare this article on FacebookShare this article on TwitterShare this article on LinkedinShare this article on DeliciousShare this article on DiggShare this article on RedditShare this article on Pinterest
This must be one of the least optimized blog  subdomains   posting that I am posting as there are simply no relevant searches regarding the use of subdomain in affiliate marketing. That caught me by surprise, as I am assuming that most would realize that using a subdomain for affiliate marketing must be another internet marketing strategy or affiliate marketing strategy for people.
First of all, what is a subdomain? Main domain looks like this and subdomain looks like this,
What is interesting about subdomain as an internet marketing strategy or affiliate marketing strategy?
1. It is free after you have registered for your main domain
2. Its versatile as you can change your subdomain whenever you want to
3. If you plan it properly, it looks great. For example, you can use your main domain which is, straight into subdomain1 etc.

All you would do each time is to log into your cpanel, look for the icon for subdomains, click upon that and create a subdomain of your choice.

Which One Should I Use?

My personal preference on subdomains vs. new pages/sub directories is that I usually prefer the convenience of subdirectories for most of my content. A subdomain can be useful to separate out content that is completely different.

An example of this is how Google do it – they have subdomains for obvious products such as news.Google.com or maps.Google.com or images.Google.com

I tend to avoid using subdomains for the simple reason that I want people to remember the name of my main domain without detracting from this. Going back to the sample domain name I used earlier, I would want ‘mycockerspaniel.com’ to be easy for people to remember. Hence when I want to promote something linked to this, I would opt for a new page or sub directory so my product name would appear at the end of my main domain name.

This way, I can offer anything I wish but people will always see mycockerspaniel.com first. That is what I want them to remember and I am not limiting myself to the types of products I can offer.

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