How to Get Your Ex Back by Making Them Feel Like You’ve Moved on and Can Make it Without Them

Let’s face it… break-ups are depressing–there’s no other way to explain it. Any advice that you get from an outsider will be considered, by you, as nothing more than suggestions that are easier said than done-right?

So let me give you some straight talk… breaking up doesn’t always mean that the relationship is done.

Sure, after a serious break-up it’s very difficult to rebound… it’s even more difficult to figure out what your reaction should be to it all. However, your reaction is what will dictate your chances of getting back with your ex.

How can you get your ex-back?

– As we all know, confidence plays a huge role in your chances of getting back with your ex. See… confidence is power–the more powerful you are the more attractive you become. This is how you must carry yourself if you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to know that you are entirely capable of dealing with losing them.

– You need to stay out of the house. Sitting around on the couch sulking all day- everyday isn’t going to do anything to make you feel better–it actually makes things worse. Get active socially… meet new people… have a god time with your life. Do what it takes to keep your confidence high. When you talk to your ex they will be able to hear it in your voice that you are comfortable and secure without them.

– Make sure you don’t let your appearance go to crap either. When you first break-up with an ex, it’s very easy to develop an “I don’t care about anything, anymore attitude.”But, don’t let that attitude be the reason why you stop taking showers and ironing your clothes.

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