How to Get Your Website Recognized by Search Engines?

After making huge efforts, toiling, and starting to do your business in an all new way, you have just launched your website, and now what you can do is to just sit back and relax for the visitors to flood in and appreciate it, correct?

But what is more important here is to get people know that your website exists so that they can visit it. If your website is unnoticed by a huge amount of internet users, then there is no importance and use of making such a resourceful website.

What people usually do after getting their websites done is to Google over it by adding the company’s or website’s name in the SERP. However, it becomes very disappointing if they do not see it on the first few pages, and they console themselves by the fact that their website is pretty new and “just made”.

The second thought that comes in the mind of people after searching their website by its URL is to see it by searching the company’s name on the search engine, and that is where the panic starts when they could not search even their company’s name on the first few pages. The thoughts that come to such panic-driven website-owner is that what is going on? Why the website is not there yet? Is the website designing company to blame? Did the designer worked badly?… but before you start to blame the whole world for not finding your website on the internet, realize a simple but important fact that listing of the website takes time. There are approximately thousands of website’s that gets uploaded every day. The search engines glance through all these websites, accumulating them to their data banks, and revising their listings to check if the website already exists. Due to these hectic activities, it may take up a while to situate n and scan your brand new site.

How can one cut down the time to get listed on the search engines, like Google?

Until and unless, the owner of the website makes it easier to get his website noticed by search engines, it may take months even years for this thing to take place by itself. To pace and fasten up the process, follow the below given things, which are simple yet effective.

1. Make sure to link your account

Big searching portals, like Google, Bing, etc follow links to navigate and pilot around the internet. The chances of your website being searchable reduce, if your website is not linked with other sites. Also ensure that other websites-article libraries, business directories, and your clients are all linked to your website so that you can be located and found more quickly.

2. Submit your site

Make yourself noticed to the search engines, like Google that you are there!! Look for the “submit your site” link on the pages of these directory, and follow the given instruction. Although, this is not a guaranteed way to get listed, but they are free, and take very little time.

3. Write on

Try to maintain your presence on the website by writing articles and blogs, which are informative and creative. The search engines simply love these blogs. They give them exactly what they want to get the website noticed in form of new text-based information. If you start some blog, link it with your website that will positively help you in leading these search engines right to you.

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