How to Create a Business Website for Non-Programmers

Creating Business SitesĀ

There are many ways to create a business website. I think the best way to make a business website is using Wix. Wix is a simple free online editor with a drag & drop interface that lets you learn how to make a website without the need to use any code or web programming (but if you want you can add in blank html boxes). Although Wix is free to create a website on it is not free to register a domain name, but you CAN upgrade your Wix domain to a real domain (.com,,.net,.jp etc) through other websites for example Website Palace instead of the Wix upgrade option (expensive) and Wix will still host your website for free. Although if you do create a Wix site and don’t upgrade it using Wix it does leave its traces eg. a footer.

There are two main types of information on business sites. There are websites with every last detail of their company right down to the minute the idea came to the founder and there are websites that consist of contact details, clients and a brief summary. To create a successful business website you need to get right between both of these extremes. You need to be able to inform your viewer without overloading the viewer with useless facts about how amazing your company is but you also want the viewer not to leave your website not even knowing what you do.On your website you should have a minimum of 5 pages. These pages should be titled Home, About, Our Clients, Contact Us and Staff. The Home page should consist of a summary which will fill the viewer in on what you do quickly without boring him to death, you should also add pictures to your homepage. If a viewer comes to your page and sees just miles of plain text they will leave immediately nine times out of ten. The About section should be a longer summary of what you do and methods etc. The Contact us should consist of an address, an email address, a phone number, a fax and a contact form. The clients page should consist of a list of ALL your major contacts including their logos, if you aren’t a company that has clients then you could use this page as a nearest store or newsletter subscription page. The Staff page should consist of a list your business’ staff a picture and a short biography including their job in your business and their qualifications if your business has 10 or more employees you should probably just list the most important staff.

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