Rognat and the Wankas: La Laguna de Paca on Venus [Now in Spanish and English]

The first man in space was to Rognat’s understanding, Carson Napier, a former British subject. He departed earth by way of a torpedo (of his won design), many years before his birth. He tried to reach Mars, but landed on Venus. This off course is all old news to those who knew of Mr. Napier. On Venus he discovered races primitively bestial, and advanced as well. Also there were giant beasts, as well as insects.

Save for Rognat landed on Venus, as well,  bruttogehalt  he was in the process of trying to head onto another planet, similar to Napier in that respects; that is, after exploring the many planets and asteroids throughout a half dozen solar systems in and out of the Milky Way. He had met a female named Siren a while back (on his planet); thus, they had become comrades in this venture, as well as lovers; but things happened a few months prior and Siren…well that’s another story. Rognat was alone now, and Venus was in his telescope.

As middle aged man now, and perhaps saw more than Napier was during his time spent on Venus, was hoping he would not have to land, but rather just see the planet from a distance.

From his space craft he saw a hidden lake which was surrounded by mountains–He called it “White Mountain,” because it looked similar to a place in Peru that resembled this new location on Venus, up by Huancayo. Actually this area was also hidden from the main population of Venus, kind of like a black lagoon.

The lake was well hidden; it was called by the inhabitants of this area, La Laguna de Paca.

When he landed on Venus, he was positive  eluniversaldelvalle  that he should never see his spacecraft again. Yet as you and I know, his fears, in the long run, were never realized. When he flew by Venus, its gravitational pull, drew him to its atmosphere, thus his course was to descend, and he was sent tumbling for the most part through Venus’ atmosphere, like a small asteroid. This was when he saw the strange Laguna, surrounded by the Nevada’s of that area; enthralled he was, to say the least, yet this was not where he wished to be by far.

This said, he figured after landing, this time would allow him to repair his generator of sorts, which could transfer the solar suns energy into his machine, and created energy for his ship. Henceforward, out of the mysterious laguna was something else to come though.

The Wanka’s

[Huanca Wanka] As he approached the laguna [lake] he found a tribe of some earthly origin. As they saw him, pandemonium broke out. Loud cries and screams came from the tribe members; they were a tribe that had been brought their mysteriously some 1300-years prior to this visit, called the Wanka’s, out of Peru.  exobaston  They were still primitive, compared to Rognat. He knew of these natives from Peru, from the Mantaro Valley, they were a wild bunch in its day: warriors of a high status.

Rognat noticed they bore no real weapons to speak of, and when one of the thirty or forty warriors came to throw a knife at him, he shot one in the head, and thus, the rest stood stone-still, fists tight. Then one of the warriors was ready to shoot a rock at Rognat, via, some kind of waving sling shot, called a Honda, and Rognat aimed his pistol at him, this paralyzed him for the moment; his fear zoomed up and down his face, he put his weapon down along his thigh, still holding it. Nonetheless, Rognat kept himself at a safe distance. Then all of a sudden someone tripped him, tied a rope around one of his feet, and dragged him to the laguna, and tied a rock onto his back and cast him into the middle of the lake.

The Deep

With a quick glance into his new  flixfilmer  environment–descending rapidly into the deep; thus he saw a pair of huge eyes, they drew up to him as he sank deeper. With all the strength he had left in him, and still sinking horribly, the beast of the deep, now a few feet from him looked like a giant squid with tusks of a mammal. Strange it may have been, but moreso, he was worried about his three minutes now in the water; he knew he could not last more than another minute. He broke loose of the rope around him, finely, and dropped the 200-pound stone they had placed on his back, pushing it to the front of him as both the beast and he sank together; the beast with his mouth open ready to eat this strange being in the water, was to be surprised. He turned to the beast’s mouth, and clambered the big stone into it.

A moment later, he swam to the surface of  lafuncion  the laguna; it was but a short distance to the top now. When he stepped out of the lake, the Wanka’s did not seize him; they ran like hell, thinking he was a demon.

Spanish Version
Translated by Nancy Penaloza

Rognat y Wanka:

La Laguna de Paca sobre Venus

[El Lago sobre Venus]

El primer hombre en el espacio era para el entendimiento de Rognat, Carson Napier, un antiguo sujeto británico. Él se marchó de la tierra por vía de un torpedo (de un diseño ganado), muchos años antes de su nacimiento. Él trató de alcanzar Marte, pero aterrizó sobre Venus. Esto por supuesto son todas viejas noticias para aquellos quienes sabían del Sr. Napier. En Venus él descubrió razas primitivamente bestiales, y avanzados también. Además había bestias gigantescas, así como insectos.


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