Lots of Online Business Ideas?

Everything you are surrounded by started out as an idea. I know when I began online it was an idea of how to make money utilizing the internet. It was a crazy idea to my friends and family, but one that was on my mind daily. The great thing about having an idea you are passionate about is once it hits you it’s hard to get it off your mind. Without ideas progress can’t be made and if progress can’t be made then it will be tough for you to turn your idea into a reality. Action is the most important fuel for the fruition of an idea, but having a plan is a good place to start. If you are the type that gets lots of ideas techifyideas flowing, but don’t know how to act on those ideas today’s post is for you.

Here are a few things I find helpful when it comes to ideas.

Write Down Your Ideas

I recommend going out and getting a notebook, as well as flashcards. There is nothing better than being able to physically put that idea on paper for review whenever you want. When those ideas and thoughts get flowing grab a pen and just write. Don’t over think it, but just go with the flow and let it all spill out on the paper. Separate the ideas you feel are best and elaborate on why you think they are and how you can turn those ideas into something tangible. Always remember that no idea is a bad idea. If it’s something that is on your mind write it down, it’s there for a reason. The most important thing is getting it out of your head so that you can review it later. The ideas you feel like you can work with best should be transferred over to a flashcard so that you can carry it with you throughout the day. This keeps the idea fresh on your mind and allows your mind the ability to be able to analyze and create solutions for that idea.

Write Out All Solutions

If you get to the point where you have solutions for you ideas begin to write down everyone in as much detail as possible. No matter how wild it may sound to you write it down. You can always go back and change something or improve later. Write out each step you feel it would take for you to make your idea real.

Review Ideas Daily

When you have your ideas on paper and possible solutions for turning them into reality review them daily. Focus on the ideas you think are best and narrow it down to the one you feel you can work off. Once you have that one idea you feel like is it take action and move forward with that idea. Keep that one idea in front of your eyes and on your mind as often as possible. Transfer it to your flashcard and review it when you wake and before bed most importantly, but any other time as well if you can throughout the middle of the day. Focus on it, ask question to yourself, and ask questions to others. Don’t let anyone deter your from that idea and research everything you can about it. Create goals for yourself and focus on achieving those goals daily. You will soon realize that the small steps you take to turn your idea into a reality will soon start creating something you never knew was possible before.



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