Holiday Cards May Become Valuable Collectibles

Holiday cards are popular seasonal greetings sent by businesses, friends and family each year as a way to stay in touch and send best wishes for the holiday season. They can be colorful, charming, funny or classic and carry a message that usually says something like Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas.

They are displayed throughout the holidays and most simply toss them when the season ends and the holiday decorations come down. In these wild economic times, with so much changing daily in the world, you may want to reconsider sending these yearly remembrances to the trash heap.

You may actually be unknowingly throwing great sums of money away! I say this because a business holiday card has just become quite popular on eBay.A holiday card sent by an indicted former Bear Sterns hedge fund manager has been put up for auction.

Bidding was at $81 before the media took notice and it was taken off the site according to Reuters Deal Zone. The colorful die cut card featured the Bear Sterns imprint and was hand signed by members of the hedge fund team. Today it has become a collectible.

Who knows what popular business entity may become front page news in the year to come. Before you toss that personalized greeting card from your attorney, insurance company, financial planner or the like, stop and think twice. You may want to put it in a safe place and list it for auction some day in the near future.

And what about those cards from friends and family that may even include the informative annual holiday letter? I would imagine those might fetch quite a sum if that individual were to become instantly famous for whatever reason. Of course, ethics may come into play if their fame is questionably won and you may be outcast from the family if you were to spill trade secrets. But, wouldn’t it be fun to own a personal holiday card from a celebrity? Don’t you wonder what becomes of those family photo cards Brad and Angelina must send out each year? How do they get all of those kids to sit still and smile on cue?

The lesson to learn now is that the holiday cards you receive this year may soon become collector’s items worth great sums of money. The Christmas cards you receive are special because someone thought enough to take the time and trouble to include you on their holiday card mailing list. Display and enjoy them throughout the season, then put them away in a safe place because you just never know when a holiday card may become your next best investment!

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