Big Brother 7 – Episode 3: Alison Evicted!

Alison, who knew she had a target on her back going into the house, was not surprised that she was the first one out. Her and her father had a running bet that she would be eliminated in the first round; even Gretchen from House Calls predicted it would only take two weeks to get the evil Alison eliminated.

In the next HOH challenge, Alison Rules, where houseguests had to answer questions the way Alison would, Kaysar was the last man standing, which made him the new HOH.

On Housecalls Alison showed several angles of her personality, the sweet one, the strategic one and of course the devious one. She told Gretchen she tried to be sneaky and listen in to several conversations like she did in BB4, but found it difficult because of the cameras.  footballgiftsonline  She did however, use the loud sounds of the cameras shifting to her advantage and managed to listen into a few of James discussions. She also found comfort in the big Flower pot which was lined with pillows. She was not using it has a place to listen into conversations, she admits, but rather Dr. Will had dared her to fit in it and then she fell asleep knowing the cameras could not see her snoring or drooling. Alison made some pretty ruthless comments about James, who she feels is one of the weaker players. She believes that although James is part of the BB6 alliance, he will be the first to go if he is even really a part of the alliance. She believes, although she really hated Janelle, she is the strongest out of that alliance and will use James to get further ahead. Several callers on Housecalls stated that if the two blondes would have joined forces they really would have been a force to reckon with. Alison agreed with these comments but said she had no choice as Janelle targeted her right away. Alison also had to giggle about her lie in trying to convince the other houseguests they would be eating the bugs in the tank instead of PB and J and having the houseguests believe her… “Come on House this is Big Brother not Fear Factor.”

Alison most admired Danielle in the house and although she lost to Danielle in the end she is still routing for her to win. Danielle gave Alison a hug and told her ” an eye for an eye” and will be going after Jase and Janelle in the future. She believes that Danielle’s plan was brilliant- which it was… if they could have only been more solid in the idea, and more convincing it would have worked.

Marcellas chose to vote with the team, most likely for strategy over vengeance which proves that he is really ready to play the game instead of emotions. He has alliances with everyone in the house it seems and should in theory go far. His private comment in the diary room to Alison continues his trend for good quotable comments like the ones he had when he stared on House Calls with Gretchen, “Its Like Choosing between Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

Alison’s original Alliance was with Nakomis and Diane whom she is worried about. Alison believes their best move would be to get Danielle, Will and Mike Boogie on their side and beat the BB6 Alliance.

This is going to be difficult with Kaysar having one the next HOH challenge. Right before Housecalls concluded Alison accepted a call from a bitchy older lady that called in simply to call Alison a Hoe to which she revealed her true atitude that we all know to love and hate when she repeated, ” Yeah you sound Old because now a days women do not use the word HOE.. Have a good time talking to the dial tone…bye…” A great way to end Alison’s interview on Housecalls… with a little drama..and a lot of attitude.

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