Filter Pur – The Recommended Filtration System, Water at Its Best

Why Healthy Bodies Call for Filter Pur – A Recommended Filtration System, Water at its Best

Water is a natural resource that cleanses and hydrates the body, keeping organs and muscles working their best. A Filter Pur filtration system, water provided in the purest form, keeps the body free from chemicals and impurities while maintaining good health. A filtration system, water transformed in a pristine form, helps you fight off unwanted germs and bacteria while eliminating harmful toxins. Filter Pur is a recommended solution by many in the health-conscience field.

In the Beginning there was PUR

This amazing company was first introduced in 1986 with a desalinator that turned seawater into fresh drinking water. watchlivecric A hand operated filtration system, water pure as from a spring, was instantly available to those on the sea. Life rafts today carry Filter Pur as a standard piece of equipment.

Technology Furthers the Cause

After much scientific research and testing, portable water purifiers were presented in 1990 for hikers and visitors to areas where water might be questionable. This Filter Pur line of carry-on purifiers was an answered prayer to the Peace Corps and African missionaries that longed for a filtration system, water that would not cause illness.

Today’s Products are Even Better

With technology proving that it was possible to eliminate harmful toxins, Filter Pur took the next step and, in 1994, designed the first line of in-home water filters with an Automatic Safety Monitor Gauge to protect you from filters that stop working properly.

How It Works

This filtration system, water at its best, can be fitted right on to your faucet for easy everyday use but comes with an on/off switch for maneuverability. The built in electronic filter life indicator shows exactly how much filter life is left so you can always replace before your filter’s life is exhausted.

What Filter Pur Provides

Toxins can enter your drinking supply through the ground, if you have well water, or not be totally removed from city water. The percentage of impurities allowed in municipal drinking water is so high that you always get a certain amount of poisons right out of your faucet! Traces of drugs, bacteria and other impurities have been found when tested in most city water systems.

NSF Certified for Quality Assurance

The Filter Pur has been certified and in 2005, earned the Stockholm Industry Water Award, not an easy mark to achieve, for outstanding quality and innovation. A five year limited warranty accompanies each unit assuring each filtration system, water pure from the start, will give you the purest form of water available anywhere.

One of A Kind 3-Stage Filter

Up to one hundred gallons of quality water is provided to last an average of two to three months and unlike many filtration systems, is interchangeable with any faucet mounted system so there is never any additional costs for parts.

Low Cost for Great Health

The Filter Pur filtration system, water that you can count on no matter where you are, is a must in today’s world of travel or at home. With the petroleum-based products used today, pesticides and new strains of bacteria, why wouldn’t you want to protect your body and family from danger? Filter Pur is simple and inexpensive, a great guard against harmful everyday impurities. A filtration system, water now purified, is now as easy as turning on your faucet.

Zachus J Winstone is a health enthusiast who has researched the positive impacts that filter pur has on health. He suggests that water produced from a quality filtration system can produce pure water great for your health and well-being. For more FREE information on his valuable findings check out his resourceful website now.

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