Stunning and Motivating Power Word Phrase Headlines

Place a power word phrase in either the article headline or sub heading. If you ignore this advice, your best opportunity for getting results could be lowered by 70%. Your sales letter fades away attention right away. The advertisement does not get read. Instead your fantastic new product offering changes immediately into recycling material. Your reader’s attention span is activated right away by the headline. Your headline may require absolutely stunning or shocking your reader with an electrifying jolt of motivation

Motivational power phrases in headlines push your sales letters beyond the boundaries of normal response. Many a business to business person sales letter has typical response rates of 1/2% to 1%, Your goal should to reap even higher rewards. Even a couple extra lead responses will  irishscores   boost you into a higher production level. That’s why a power phrase, used in the headline can deliver a make it or break it effect. Possibly enough to effect your career. Make sure your chosen power phrase makes the headlines!

Here’s a pile of power phrases to supercharge your headline. They include: 15 tips, 10 proven steps, 100% guaranteed, 12 new ways, 2 products in 1, 3 ways to benefit, 5 ways to, 7 reasons why, a breakthrough formula, an easy way for, a fantastic new product, a masterpiece, a money making system, a simple solution to, a star is born, a step ahead, absolutely free, absolutely stunning, abundant clients, achieve the impossible, achieve your goals, act fast, act now, act now for this bonus, action and results, action pack, advance paycheck, advance to the front, advice to professionals only, all aces, all at once, all bets are off, all you wanted, all-in-one, allstar lineup, always a knockout, always new, amazing results, app after app, are you ready, as easy as, at last, attain a new level, attractive benefits, auction priced, automated billing, automatic sales, and award winning features

Some bonus motivating power phrases are: bag a trophy, bait your traps, bank on it, bargain pricing, barn burner, be the first to call, be the first to qualify, be your own boss, begin a new life, below wholesale, benefit from, benefits unlimited, best ever, best in class, best kept secret, best opportunity, best performance, best kept secret, better than imagined, better than striking gold, beyond the boundaries, beyond your wildest, big hitters, big mamma, blazing hot, blistering hot, and blue chip.

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