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Your goal to achieving maximum writing results cannot be obtained if your readers’ interest fades. In fact, the majority of writing fails to be read because of what the author wrote in the headline, and sub-headline(s). As shown here it takes the additional power of descriptive word lists to achieve reader inspiration.

Think of which of these titles sound more appealing to you. “A list of ten things your dentist did not telling you about brushing your teeth.” Alternatively, choose this title. “Don’t stick that toothbrush on your germ infested teeth.” I am sure you made the same choice as I did. Keywords in the second example were toothbrush and teeth. The motivational, descriptive words are stick, and germ infested. Combined they produce a desire by the reader to continue reading. What good is your interesting story, article, sales piece, or book if it never is read?

For maximum writing results, there are two critical areas where your writing must shine above the stars.  get-it-gay  These are eyeball grabbing headlines, and earth shattering sub-headlines. In the case of book writing, that would encompass chapter titles. You might have a natural born knack for writing that easily flows unto your document. It is all meaning less, unless you knock the socks off your reader. The problem is that the time frame to accomplish this key feat, only lasts from three to five seconds. You have to grab the reader by their receding hair to awaken their feelings to read on. The time proven method is using motivational words, and thought provoking descriptive word phrases.

Like most writers, you probably do not currently have a killer library of these. Therefore, I am going to provide you with 50 beneficial words and phrases to start your two descriptive word lists. Your other list should be of motivational, inspirational, and action power words. Referring to these descriptive word combinations will not only enhance the desire to read on, but also spice up the intensity level of interest in what you are writing.

Here is the first of the two descriptive word lists – words

This sample consists of the words accelerate, action-packed, adventurous, affordable, aggressive, allstar, amazing, amplify, anxious, artistic, aspiring, assertive, astonish, attract, awakening, awarded, awesome, backbone, beastly, bewildered, beefy, bargain, blasting, bliss, blazing, blockbuster, and boiling.

Here is the second of the two descriptive word lists – word phrases

This sampling is composed of the word phrases: a child could do it, 2 products in 1, a date with destiny, the masterpiece collection, a very elite opportunity, as recent surveys show, achieve the impossible, act now for this bonus, activate the fuse, all bets are off, the obstacles are eliminated, alleviate the pain, always a knockout, ambush the competition, ask yourself this question, at your fingertips, attack with conviction, avoid feeling insecure, award winning features, awaken to a new era, bag a trophy, be the first to call, begin tomorrow today, behind door #4, best kept secret, better than striking gold, look behind the scenes, beyond normal boundaries, big hitters only, blistering speed, bone chilling, brilliant deduction, and bullet proof system.

Build a burning desire to bypass your competition by building a strong foundation for writing effectively.

Well published author, Don Yerke likes to concentrate on what you don’t know or what no one else dares to print. Tell it like it is.

Watch for his new paperback book debuting on Amazon early this summer. It is loaded with great insurance marketing and recruiting information.

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