What I Like About My Sister’s Flavored PUR Water Filter

I always loved the benefits of bottled water, such as no chemical flavours and germs have been purified out, but it could also be expensive.

Especially, the fruit flavored bottled waters I have been purchasing lately. The less calorie alternatives to juice provide you a at once of different fruit flavors, but still give you water that has been treated of chemicals and germs that can affect aftertastes, side outcomes and odours detected by the nose.

Then one day, my best friend begin telling me about her PUR water filter. Of course, I didn’t aware it was a PUR water filter at the time.

She started describing me about¬† fussball-em2020¬† how she could find raspberry flavored filtered water from her kitchen faucet and push the button for more flavor if she wanted more. I couldn’t trust it. I thought that would be a great substitute for a lot of people because you could rescue all kinds of money over purchasing expensive flavored waters and save a lot of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill.

Of course, I already understand you could set up a PUR water filter on your faucet to save money over buying regular bottled water, but I had no plan that you could receive flavored water filters. I had paid for my PUR water filter in about a week of savings on my regular bottled water and morning coffee stops, since I prepared my own coffee at home now with my filtered water from the kitchen faucet and took regular filtered water from home for lunch and breaks or after work-gym visits.

In reality, I loved the fact I could put my bottles in the freezer and use them to keep my lunch cold, and they were completely liquefied by the time I was ready for an ice cold drink. But they still weren’t a substitute for my flavored bottle water great pleasures.

I really wanted the flavor thing, but since I had a faucet water filter already, I did some investigating and got out I could purchase the pitcher alternative form of PUR water filter.

What was nifty about the pitcher is that it could reserve seven to eight glasses of filtered water and you could push the button to flavor the glass you were drinking, but the residue of the water was unflavored.

If I required to take the whole PUR water filter pitcher to work with me, I could make my own flavored water right there on the spot using water from the tap or divide into parts with people that just wanted filtered treated water without the taste. Everybody at work loved it and I had the best of both worlds.

A PUR water filter for your kitchen faucet is yet the greatest and most comfortable way to drop the chemicals and dangerous germs from all of the water you drink, cook with and make coffee or ice cubes with. They are not difficult to install and the new ones are present with fruit flavored cartridges. But if you are want me and already have one, you can always buy the PUR water filter pitcher and have flavored water whenever and wherever you want.

Matthew Thies has been working as a water specialist for the past 8 years. During these years, he has gathered a great amount of experience with about any water filer or water filtration system that is out there. In his popular blog The Pur Water Filter Blog he shares his valuable expertise on the importance of using water filtration in your home and gives a review of how to choose the best PUR water filter for maximum protection, money saving and water taste.


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