Think About a Cheap Hair Loss Treatment When Fighting Baldness

If you want to regrow any hair that you may have lost due to baldness, it seems like that to receive any real chances you gotta invest your time and money into an expensive treatment.

Really though you don’t have to if you know exactly how to implement a cheap hair loss treatment into your arsenal of weapons to fight hair loss.

There are a ton of treatments for baldness available on the market. You can go to your local pharmacy and pick up a bottle of Rogaine for around $30. Will it work? Depends upon your own genetic makeup. But to chance $30 is not necessary.

Then if you have a little bit more money, maybe a few thousand or two, you can opt for a hair transplant. These things definitely aren’t cheap and in fact the whole surgery isn’t promising. When this procecure is being done, the surgeon will extract hair follicles from the sides and back of your head where hair is growing, and place them in areas where you starting to go bald.

The bad thing is though that this whole process is limited to how much hair you have growing currently. So if you don’t have much hair left to work with, you may not want to even consider this at all.

This leaves us average folks who aren’t filthy rich to go for a cheap hair loss treatment. Just where can you turn to find one that will work? Mother Nature.

You see there are a ton of things in nature, specifically herbs and minerals, that really do aid in the stimulation of hair growth. Some great ones you should really get your hands on are saw palmetto, which blocks DHT, the leading hormone in 90% of baldness cases. Also look for magnesium, biotin, pumpkin seed, and nettle root.

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