A Brief Introduction Into the Wonderful World of Capoeira

Capoeira is a unique and beautiful martial art created by Afro-Brazilians over 400 years ago in Brazil. At first, Capoeira was looked upon with disdain and disgust by the Brazilian hierarchy, even to the point of making the practice of Capoeira against the law. As time passed, the popularity of Capoeira could not be denied, and today, Capoeira has taken it’s rightful place as the national sport of Brazil.

Anyone can practice Capoeira. It does not matter your size, weight, or age. What will become apparent though is the tremendous dexterity that is needed to master the game of Capoeira. There are flips, dodges, acrobatic moves,  melhores jogos ps4  back bends, and hand stands; all of which require years to master and develop into one fluid motion.

The first thing you will notice when you watch a game of Capoeira is the music. Players gather around in a circle and clap and sing and play instruments, most notably, the Berimbau, which kind of looks like a bow. As the music speeds up, so do the movements of the players inside the circle (called a roda).

The actual Capoeira game (called a jogo de Capoeira) is a physical chess match between two players. Each one trying to get the other off balance, and show the other person’s weakness while performing their own death defying acrobatic moves. Some games are very friendly, where players smile and laugh while they play, other games are more aggressive, and the players smiles hide the seriousness of combat.

It is easy for the novice to confuse the flashy acrobatic moves in Capoeira as a sign of a weak martial art with little defense. In fact, the opposite is true. Those same Capoeira moves that are meant to dazzle, can also be turned into a sudden attack that can come from nowhere, and is indeed very effective and dangerous. All the speed and flash also make Capoeristas (people who practice Capoeira) calm and sure footed in uneasy situations.

In this way, Capoeira can also teach you how to handle the constant changes and upheavals that life throws your way. No matter what type of flashy, shiny, amazing new thing, or problem that comes their way, the Capoerista is unimpressed, and responds with some flash and beauty of their own.

If you would like to see Capoeira in action for yourself, check your local listings to find out where the closest Capoeira class is in your vicinity. If that doesn’t work, do a search on Google for “Capoeira” and your town.

Created over 400 years ago by African slaves in Brazil was how the martial art of Capoeira came to be. Unique and individual this martial art is unlike any in the world and has an amazing blend of strength, beauty, power, mental balance, music and a fantastic sense of art and style.

When it was first created, this dance art showed the world that anyone can do it in spite of what size, weight or age they may be. Being much more then a martial art it is also a place for social gatherings that has a rich history and tradition. This is a very strong martial art, with a mixture of music, exotic movements, dance and even a game.

When people see this “dance” the music stands out. The music and lyrics play a large part in the way that the game (known as Jogo) is witnessed. Using different speeds there are several different rhythms used by the players. People watching the game are usually amazed by the movements. The Jogo has a circle with the musicians at the foot of the circle and the players in the middle.


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