Why a Lot of Master Growers Use a 3 Part Nutrient System VS 2

When using a 2 part nutrient system, a lot of growers tend to have deficiencies in certain areas of their plants. By using the 2 part system, it is sometimes difficult to dial in on exactly what is missing from your plants or what is being over fed to your plants through nutrients. Typical 3 part nutrients are not made for the high value plants like yours and mine and this can create poor quality crops. Other nutrients can burn your root system and don’t feed the right amount of nutrients to the plants.  www.nutritionlines.com

With Micro-Grow-Bloom made by Advanced Nutrients they also get at least 31% more nutrients into your plants at least 37% faster. This system allows you to really dial in exactly what your plants need. Several master gardeners prefer 3 part systems because of this. Using 3 part systems provides you with more flexibility and when used properly a high yield, larger flowers and greener healthier plants. Technically this product is 5 in 1 nutrients. GMB includes Wet Better that is an organic surfactant that lowers surface tension of your water, allowing easier spreading and uptake into your plants.

With GMB you will never have to worry about pH and PPM fluctuations because GMB contains pH perfect technology. This eliminates the need to manually check and adjust pH levels two times per day. Advanced nutrients have created a calculator for your specific setup

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