Tips For Toolbox Safety Talks

Anyone that has been in the construction or utility business for any length of time knows that Training and Safety go hand in hand, and one should not exist without the other.

The problem that I have found while searching for appropriate topics for weekly safety talks is finding industry specific topics. There are many places to find safety topics on the internet, but searching through to find safety topics that are relevant to underground utility work is time consuming.

I have assembled here several safety topics that can be used for your regular scheduled toolbox safety talks or for any other safety meetings that you have. I highly recommend that if you are not already doing so, to implement regular weekly or bi-weekly mandatory safety meetings, using these topics or other relevant topics that you may have.

Make safety a habit by utilizing a schedule of pre-planned safety meetings. Make your safety meetings relevant to the work that you actually perform.

Underground utility workers and cable fault locators don’t usually need to know about scaffold safety or welding safety. If your topics don’t pertain or don’t make sense to your employees then they are a waste of time.

Make every attempt to include hands on examples and performance examples as a part of your meeting. Don’t just tell your employees how to lift properly, for example. Tell them how to lift and carry properly and then make them actually perform the task. Don’t just tell your people how to inspect tools and electrical cords, actually show them examples of damaged tools or cords.

Do not fall into the trap that I have seen so many times – having someone read a pre-made safety topic from a piece of paper and calling that a safety meeting! Safety meetings and toolbox talks are a time to teach safety and as such the person speaking needs to actually be familiar with the topic. A little bit of research and self educating goes a long way towards creating a safe workplace.

Do not allow your safety meeting to become anything but a safety meeting! Yes, everyone is gathered at one time and you would think that this would be a great time to discuss other business along with a safety talk. Don’t do it! When your employees walk away from your safety meeting they only be thinking about one thing – which is what they just learned at the safety meeting.



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