Speed Up My Computer – Adopting the Most Techie Methods!

If you step into any business sector, office or a home, you will find that people from all different walks of life have one thing in common – they use the computer. It is true that many people like me are not as technologically savvy, or techie, to run computers in the most appropriate manner. More often than not is the case that computers face different types of problems that reduce their processing speed. I have to face such problems myself with the computer. I am aware that using the computer daily or for a longer period of time reduces its performance and its output. But there is much workload and I need to run my PC for many hours in a day. Tablet Oscilloscope

Well, this certainly does not imply that I need to buy a new computer for my personal or official work. I have assembled a few techniques to speed up my computer and they also don’t require much time or money. Given below are some important steps that you can follow to get the desired output from your computer. I tried these methods and was successful in speeding up my computer.

– Uninstall unnecessary Programs: Most people overload their computers with many programs and applications. Installing many software programs on a computer will inevitably slow down the computer’s processing speed. These programs are designed to start running in the system process while the system is starting up. Consequently the computer takes more time to boot into a working condition. Loading useless programs will only eat up the disk space and hang the computer. Therefore it is wise to use the minimum of software programs and uninstall any unnecessary programs. Well, this method has worked very well for me and I have managed to speed up my computer.
– Trash your Files – Many files accumulate in the computer daily while I work. I clean those useless files to speed up my computer. Delete or throw into trash the files that you don’t use. You can save those files in a DVD, CD or in your pendrive. Trashing unused files will make the computer run faster and more smoothly.
– Free the Computer Disk Space – Disk cleanup is a wonderful tool that helps to enhance my computer’s performance. Use Disk cleanup tool to remove temporary files, recycle bin and to remove unnecessary windows components. To avail of this tool, click “Start” button, then click “All Programs”, “Accessories”, “System Tools” and then “Disk Cleanup”. Choose the drive that you want to clean and remove unwanted programs.
– Hard Drive Defragmenter – In order to speed up my computer, I use the disk defragmenter once in a week. This actually boosts free space in my computer and increases its overall performance. If you want to accomplish the same, then Click “Start” button, go to “All Programs, “Accessories”, “System Tools” and then click “Disk Defragmenter”. Select the drive that you want to de-fragmentize, but it is highly recommended that you de-fragment all the drives in your computer.
– No Viruses and Spyware – Viruses and spyware are great threats for a computer and can cause a severe blow by hindering its speed and performance. This mostly occurs when the computer makes use of an Internet connection. Going online and clicking on different websites with malware content brings malicious threats like viruses; the Trojan virus and spywares. Using virus or spyware software will remove all such infected threats that block the computer’s performance. It is highly recommended that you use spyware or a good antivirus tool. This will protect your computer from different types of damages and from freezing. I am using quality spyware software to speed up my computer.
– Clean up system registry – This has proven to be one of the best solutions to speed up my computer, but it needs some techie hand. I think I lack that real techie hand! There are many clean up system registry software that I have used. Cleaning up system registry has boosted my computer’s performance and I have achieved the required speed.

These are some of the most effective methods you can use to speed up your computer. There are different types of software, but using a good registry cleaner will clean all types of system errors that often gave you headache.

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