Frustrated Network Marketers – The Science Of Catching Mice & Attraction Marketing Can Help

Imagine for just a moment, running after on your own two feet, a little mouse, and trying to catch it and feed it cheese.

Something you and I both know it may already want. You’re going to find it very difficult probably closer to being impossible trying to catch the mouse and feed it the cheese.

Though most mice (the target market) like to eat cheese, the way you are presenting it (marketing it) to the mouse raises fear in the furry little creature and ultimately makes the creature seek safety in running and hiding from you.

It doesn’t matter if the mouse likes cheese or not. She worried about her safety more than anything and it’s the avoidance of pain rather than the gaining of pleasure that’s motivating the mouse’s behavior.

No offense intended to network marketers but this is the exact method used in the traditional network-marketing model, which has so many people turning their nose up to it.

Use word of mouth marketing and go and chase people down who you believe want to make extra money (which is a major reason people get involved in network marketing) and hopefully you catch them.

This is the reason 97% of network marketers fail. They are taught to approach the business wrongly. The more important or operative word in network marketing is MARKETING; the way by which you communicate to your target market what you have to offer and benefit them.

This is how you’ll bring your prospects to you -no chasing! Attraction marketing.

If you wanted to catch our little four-legged rodent simply market the cheese (something she already wants) in a way that she’ll come after it. Place a piece of cheese on a mouse glue trap and place the trap on the floor where the mouse usually roams and in a matter of time the mouse will come to you. This way you’re no longer chasing the mouse you’re attracting it.

This is what real world marketing does for a network marketer’s business. Having prospects come them makes building business a lot easier and simple.

People already can sense that you’re going to gain in some way by you approaching them they just don’t want it to be at their expense in time, money, and energy.

Many may want and need to make more money they just want to decide for themselves without someone pestering them.

As a network marketer you just take care of the marketing and the networking will with interested people will follow.

By Michael Henderson

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